SizeGenetics Review from Real users

SizeGenetics is Clinically Tested, Doctor Endorsed, a medical device that has been proven to work. The results of using SizeGenetics for a certain period of time will causes your penis to increase both length and girth, increase your sexual stamina, satisfy your partner and give you stronger erections. Some users claim that it helps them straighten their curved penis (peyronie’s disease).

So if you suffer from your small size or your curved penis then watch the video below to know more about SizeGenetics or click here to visit the official website.

How Does SizeGenetics Work For Penis Enlargement?


The traction force applied to your penis by SizeGenetics will cause your penis cells to breakdown.

When your penis cells heal itself, multiply, your penis gets bigger. The rods of sizegenetics will prevent your penis from shrinking and that will force your cells to multiply to fill the gap. This process is also known as Cytokinesis.

When you have more cells that also means you can hold more blood inside making your penis bigger and erections will be harder than before.

Clinical Studies

There was a clinical test for SizeGenetics in year 2008-2009.

Patiens were requested to wear sizegenetics for at least 4 hrs/day and preferably 6 hrs/day for 6 months.

The result was shocking.

  • An average increase in flaccid length of 2.3cm (1 Inch)
  • An average increase in erect length of 1.7cm (0.67 Inches)

Which means traction devices like SizeGenetics do work. If you’re interested in reading the full study, you can read it here.

My Results After Using SizeGenetics For 3 Months

SizeGenetics review results

I have used SizeGenetics for 3 months and I have gained 1.2 inches in length and 0.25 in girth.

I know it’s not that huge and it wasn’t an instant results but if you really think about it, how much do you think it’s going to take to gain that kind of results? 2 weeks? that’s just impossible.

This thing takes time and effort, but when you hit the goal, It’s really worth it. You can check the before and after photo here.

Order Process, Payment + Shipping

SizeGenetics Box

You have 3 payment options: Credit card, Debit card, Paypal.

They will deliver it with plain brown box. Shipping is fast as usual and discreet so you don’t have to worry about someone find out what is in the box.

SizeGenetics FAQ

So these are common questions about SizeGenetics that I usually got asked. 

Can I wear SizeGenetics while I was sleeping?

Well, it can but I don’t think it will work out the best of it. It tends to slip but if you really want to do it then try using lower tension setting and sleep on your back.

Do they provide discreet shipping

Yes, they do. It’s normal for them to do that.

I was also worried about this the first time I order some penis extender online, but trust me no one is going to find out what’s inside.

How long to see gains?

If you use SizeGenetics according to the study (wear it at least 4 hrs/day and 6 hrs/day as recommended). You should see gains at least 0.5 inches in 3 months.  Several factors though but that is the least I found.

What if I’m uncircumcised? Can I use it?

Yes, you can use SizeGenetics even if you’re uncut. Many uncut people use it and it works.

What is the minimum penis size that can use SizeGenetics?

The design of SizeGenetics require that you’re at least 2 inches in length and at most no more than 9 inches. There is an extra parts for you that you will need to buy if you’re over 9 inches and want to use SizeGenetics.

The Results from SizeGenetics are permanent or not?

Yes, many guys report that even after stop using it for 3 months the gains are still there, both in length and girth.

Can I gain girth with SizeGenetics?

Well, you can gain girth by sizegenetics but it will be minimal. It was designed to increase penis length not girth. If your main target is girth then try penis pumps instead.

Can I wear SizeGenetics under my pants and walk around outside?

No, don’t do that. It is too obvious that something is under your pants.

Can SizeGenetics help straighten my curved penis?

Yes, actually the first purpose of sizegenetics was to heal peyronies disease but doctors later found out that it also can increase penis length.

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