ProExtender Review 2019

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ProExtender was invented first in 1990’s by Dr.Jorn Ege Siana, a Danish plastic surgeon. The idea was originally to use after undergoing reconstructive penis surgery.

After years of clinical testing, the results were impressive. The device indeed add inches to penis without any need for surgery. Years passed by and more than 10,000 men have purchased the device and make their penises bigger. What’s more is currently the device is used by medical professionals in 29 countries.

Does it Work and How?

ProExtender Review

The traction force produced by ProExtender will make your penis tear in micro level. The damaged cells will begin the healing process, by splitting new cells to fill the gap of damaged tissues and recovering the damaged parts. This is the same as in body building. We just do it with our penises.

Attach the device to your penis by put the base of the device to your public pone then use the rubber ring to wrap around penis neck to where it comforts you. After that create tension by adjusting the rod to the length of your desire.

The most important factors that determine your penis growth are the traction force and the time you wear it per day. With this in mind though, don’t over do it because that will hinder your gains. Your penis need time to heal and adapt to force applied to it in order to grow. If there’re any soreness or pain, you should adjust the force and the rubber ring because it means you’re putting too much force on it. Take a break for 1 days or more if needed then restart the process again.

Is the Gain Permanent?

ProExtender Gains

The short answer is yes. Penile Extenders give a permanent increase in penis length and sometime also penis girth too. Your body tries to keep things in proportional. All inches you get from using ProExtender will stay forever even though you stop using it after you’ve reached your goal. Every increased in erect length created by traction force in your body is permanent.

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Clinical Trials and Results

As mentioned before, Dr. Jorn Ege Siana, a medical doctor from Copenhagen, has done a clinical test on this device to a group of patients. In this study he claims that with regular use of ProExtender will give an increase of 2.8 cm (or 1.1 inches) in penis erect length. These data were collected after 1100 hours of using Proextender with the average of 1.9 mm increased in erect length every week.

The graph is as shown below. 

ProExtender Clinical Results

Design and Package

ProExtender Package

This product was designed to use for flaccid penis. You don’t want to be erect and use this product since it will not give you best result. Being erect will harden your smooth muscles in penis and hinder your gains.

The minimum flaccid penis that can use ProExtender is 2 inches and the maximum is 7 inches (18 cm). Remember this is flaccid size.

If you’re more than 7 inches flaccid then you’ll need to use ProExtender Deluxe. It packs everything basic package has but also 2 sets of bars for elongation with additional 1/2 inches, comfort strap, silicone strap, etc.

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