Phallosan Forte Review 2018-2019

For the past 6 months I’ve been using phallosan forte that I purchase from the official manufacturer. I wanted to know if it’s really possible to increase my penis size.

And now I’m going to write a phallosan forte review with my Before and After pictures and talk about my results too.

Does Phallosan Forte Work?

Yes, it works. Phallosan is a stretching device, designed to elongate and enlarge the penis. We know – and have known for centuries – that gentle, consistent stretching forces the body to reproduce cells.

And as these cells reproduce, skin and even entire body parts lengthen and enlarge.

This isn’t just hearsay either. We’ve seen clear evidence of this in Ethiopia where women of the Mursi tribe pierce their lips to prepare for marriage. The lip plates get larger and heavier over time. It’s their belief that stretched ear lobes and lips enhance a woman’s beauty.

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Phallosan Forte Reviews

What Can Phallosan Do For You?

  • Increase your penis length by up to 1.9” in 6 months
  • Increase your erection by 1.5” in 3 months – 1.9” in 6 months
  • Increase your girth by 0.9” in as little as 3 months

And it can do all of this without:

  • Side effects
  • Discomfort

These results were the conclusion of a clinical study from a urological clinic in Germany.

When studying Phallosan before and after gains, on average, test patients saw a 1.41” increase in non-erect length and 1.14” in erect length.

The highest results were 1.9” (non-erect) and 1.47” (erect).

My Phallosan Forte Results

This is the major pay off for all of us. If you use the Phallosan extender for a full 6 months, your gains are going to stay. Even better, we encourage you to continue using the device after your initial 6 months to keep growing. 

So here is my phallosan forte results after using it for 6 months is 2 inches in length and 0.6 inches in girth. Here is the picture.

Phallosan forte results

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