PeniMaster Results from REAL Users

PeniMaster Pro is a penis enlargement device mainly used to target length. It is a proven method of stretching. 

PeniMaster PRO

The PeniMaster

This one is a basic version that cost $176. Your penis will be strapped below the glan and use rods to extend your unit.

The problem with this version is that, many users report that the strap cuts off blood circulation and it is very painful after wearing for a long run. Please avoid this version and upgrade to PeniMaster Pro.

The PeniMaster Pro

This version however uses a suction ball that attaches to your penis head with vacuum. So the blood being cut off is non-exist. This will also make you be able to wear it for so many hours and hence your gain will boost by a lot. The Pro version with complete set costs $343 (the cost might be changed so you have to check the price first) sure it is a lot more expensive but this is better than spending less with no results and/or getting upset about the blood cutting off.

How Long to Wait for the Penis Enlargement Results?

PeniMaster Pro results

I tried a lot of penis extenders including my old jes extender but it just didn’t work for me. My penis always numb and looked very purple and it’s scary.

I didn’t read the review online before hand so yeah that’s my fault too. After that I learned to read a lot and I found penimaster pro. 

From that moment I focus on the comfortable when wearing the device. Why? Because if you can’t wear it for like 8-10 hrs./day then it’s not going to work.

I have read that for penis extender to work you need to wear it everyday and for more than 6 hrs/day at least to make any gains.

So after wearing penimaster for 2 months I gained 2 cm. in length already! And after 3 months I measured my girth and I gained 1.5 cm. too! awesome.

Below is also a review from one user from the forum.

PeniMaster Pro review

How does it work?

PeniMaster Pro works because when it applies force to your penis (stretching) after a long period of time, your smooth muscle in penis will be torn, in micro-level. This is the same as body building. Our muscle will begin to repair itself and grow. Another thing that makes PeniMaster works is cytokinesis. If you’ve ever seen some African tribe stretching their mouth, ears, neck then that is it. The cell will begin to separate and multiply into new cells, making your penis bigger.

Compare PeniMaster vs. Other Products

Below is the comparison between PeniMaster Pro vs. other penis enlargement product that target mainly length.

Penimaster ProX4 LabsPhallosan forte
PriceFrom $200From @250From $300
Efficiencyincrease up to 5-15 cm in length, and by 0.5-1 in width, also enlarge penis glan.In a month the penis can increase from up to 3-12 cm in lengthFor a month the penis can increase up to 5-14 cm in length and 0.5-1 inch girth
Penis curvature correction
The need for abstinence from sex during therapyNoYesNo
Increase in all morphometric characteristics of the penis
Length and Girth and GlanLengthLength and Girth

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PeniMaster Pro Side Effects?

If you use it according to the manual, there will surely be no undesirable side effects. The only thing you will notice is the blood flow to your penis will increase and the feeling of your penis become meatier, longer and thicker.

You will feel much more confident in bed after using Penimaster pro for months.

Frequently Asked Questions.

I know there will be some questions for you guys so I put what I found most below:

What to chose between basic and pro version?

To be honest just go with PeniMaster pro version. I know it is more expensive but if you buy the basic version you will get a strap like noose system which is extremely painful. You will find a hard time using it because of a pain you get when wearing it for a long time. If you buy the complete package you’ll get both rod system and strap system so you can try both.

How much girth will I gain?

I will answer this question based on what Dr.Kapanen’s experiment. The average user gain in girth is 0.63 inches (girth) after 6 months. This is quite huge to be honest but if your target is girth I strongly recommend bathmate hydromax because it was made specialty for girth.

How much length will I gain?

From the same experiment the average user gain is 1.79 inches (erect) after 6 months. This number is from wearing this device for 8 hours/day so keep that in mind. If you want to gain more then simply wear it for longer than 6 months or increase the wearing time per day.

Is it Permanent gains?

YES, after 3 months of stop using the penimaster, the gains are still there both length and girth. So I’m really confident that even after 3 months the gains will still be there for you.

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